Thank you for taking the time to visit the “Real Options Japan” Blog. Blogging and Adsense Tips was created for you, the reader and to become an authority blog  which can help the readers to make extra income with the help of blog and adsense.

The blog first went live in 2016 and was started by my friend Brandon D. Trott, then I, Margie Byrd acquired the site in 2017. The focus for the blog remains the same, which is to be a complete source for everything blogging/adsense, while compiling a quality team of writers from around the world to share their voice and provide everyone with different perspectives and the way to succeed in the world of blogging.

Margie Byrd

Hi, I’m Margie, passionate blogger from Madisonville, KY. I’m always eager to learn new things in blogging arena and to fulfill my hunger. I spent pretty good hours to do experiments with adsense. This results in the quality growth of Real Options Japan and your blog as well.

Apart from bloging, I’m an Internet Marketer.

I always love to think about my blog and plan on how to make more money with it. This thought inspires me to do more better in coming days as what I did in my past days.