Top Secret to Get Approved by AdSense


If you are a new blogger, you may not have known about Google AdSense. The first reason you become a blogger may be about just sharing your ideas and publishing the ideas into a blog post. You just do it because you like to write and share. When it has come longer, and you feel that you can make a living with blogging, you have to know about AdSense. AdSense is a Google product that lets publishers earn money from their traffic by letting Google put the ads on your blog. Indeed, ads sometimes are annoying, but when you can manage your ads, you still can get your reader loyal to your blog, and you still get earning from AdSense. It sounds easy, but the fact is different. Some people say that getting approved by Google AdSense is not that easy and need little effort to get approved. Some people may think that it’s hard, but if you follow the rules of Google and you think that you can beat the traffic, you are ready to sign up to AdSense and become their publisher. There are many things you should have done with your blog when you are going to join. First, you have to know the common thing that people may ask what to prepare to get approved.

Common wrong information

  • Free plagiarism

If people think that your blog should be free plagiarism, then you are wrong. Not all blogs that are registered as AdSense publisher are free from plagiarism, and some of them still have plagiarism content like lyrics, codes or else. The better content is indeed free from plagiarism; you can choose depending on your wish. We still recommend having good and free plagiarism content. Although, it does not matter if some of your contents are not free plagiarism.

  • Having lot of contents

The second wrong information about Google AdSense preparation is that you have to have a lot of contents. That thing is wrong. You don’t need to prepare many contents in your blog, but just have a few contents that are good; you can register to Google AdSense. However, it depends on your times to make good content. Some blogs that only have ten posts even can join to Google Adsense, and then they get approved as long as they follow the rule of Google AdSense.

  • Making new Google account

Once you are not approved, you still can use the same blog. Don’t worry about that. Some people think that successful Google AdSense is when they use a new account with different contents. You still can use your old account or blog no matter that blog was once a failure in getting approval from Google AdSense. That thing is still ok.

  • Having many visitors

Wrong information has many visitors. You can even register with 50 visitors a day to Google AdSense.

Real things to prepare

  • Read the term and conditions

The first thing you have to prepare when you are going to join in publisher clubs of Google AdSense is to read the terms and conditions and then understand and follow the rules. You are not allowed even to deny and do something they prohibit.

  • Make good content

Content is the king. Even, we have mentioned about not to worry when you have some plagiarism content; we still recommend to make good content. You have to ensure to Google that you have good content. You have to make it good and completed like supported pictures or supported videos to get better views.

  • Blog features

Another thing you should do is blog features that you should make it once before you register to Google AdSense like contact, privacy policy, navigation menu, widgets and more. You have to describe it clearly and simply.

  • Blog age at least two months old

Blog age is important when you are going to register to Google AdSense because you can register when your blog is just two days old even though, you have a lot of good contents, or you have completed template and contents, your blog is not allowed or probably hard to get approved to Google AdSense. That is why we recommend registering a blog at least two months old blog.

  • Visitors

The thing that we have mentioned before is visitors. You have to make sure that you already have visitors. It does not matter if you only have less than 100 visitors for a day; it depends on how Google see your blog features and visitors.

  • Template simple

The most important thing you have to prepare when you want to get approved fast is the template. The template should be simple, and you have to make sure that you don’t choose a complicated template and noisy templates because it will impact to the view of Google AdSense in reviewing your blog.