7 Important AdSense Tips for Your Blog

adsense blog tipsDo you want to make money online? Google AdSense could be a great idea for you. You can easily make money online with Google AdSense. Adding Google AdSense to your pages could add extra money if you create a site with the good niche. Google AdSense will give you specific ads to your keywords by exploring your content. Having ads on your site that are constantly updated with no maintenance is very great.

Google AdSense could be very powerful if you can implement it correctly. When you are ready to start making money online with Google AdSense, you should consider several things. There are some AdSense tips that could help you optimizing the Google AdSense.

First, you should use better keywords. The effective keyword is very crucial for Google AdSense earnings. You need to search better keyword to help you earn money.

You need to find low competition keyword for your blog post or article. You can get help from keyword planner. This is a great tool if you want to find low competition keyword. This keyword planner will choose the low competitive keyword for you.

Second, you should have good keyword density. You need to check the keyword density before posting the article on your blog or website. Keyword density will define the relevance of niche. It will increase your traffic in the search engine. You will get more clicks when you have more traffic. Companies like My Lead Gen Secret are making it much simpler to get traffic these days.

Keyword density will also determine the types of advertising that are posted to your site. You can use keyword density tool to avoid your post marked as spam. This tool will also help you to boost the density.

Third, you need to post new page each day. This is one of great AdSense tips. If you write new content each day, you could make traffic to your website. You should use good keyword and keyword density for your posts. You should try to post a page each day. When you post a new page, the chance of the reader to click your ads will increase.

Fourth, you should select the best format. Google AdSense is available in many different formats. When you are selecting the format for your website, you could use the squares for the sides and the banners for the top part. There is a recommendation that the best formats are the 300 by 250 medium square ads, the 160 by 600 skyscraper ads, and the 336 by 280 large square ads.

Fifth, organize the color of the ads. This is one of AdSense tips that require design skill. If you are using Google AdSense, you need to ensure the ads look like a part of your site. The reader is likely to click something that does not look like an ad. You could make it looks like a link for different part of your site. You should match the background color, border color, text color, and link color with your site. You can manage via the control panel. You can also alternate the color palettes to make various colors when the reader visits your site.

Sixth, place the ads well. The position of your ads is very crucial for getting clicks. When there is someone comes to your site, he/she will scan the headlines of the post to see if your post is related to his/her search. One of the great methods to locate the ads is using links as directional links around your site. You could locate the ads between the top and bottom of your post.

Seventh, you are not allowed to use too many ads. This is one of AdSense tips that should be remembered well. Having too many ads on your site look like spamming. The readers do not want to visit a site that is specially created for Google AdSense. You can put 2-3 ads for your site. This is considered as the best amount to make the reader attracted to read your post.