5 Ways to Avoid Your Blog from Getting Banned by Adsense

If you are an Adsense publisher, you may have known how hard to maintain it when you are so busy with your real life. This thing may sound easy for those who have long experience in doing Google Adsense on their blog. The most common thing that often happens to Adsense publisher is getting banned. Why do people get banned from Google Adsense? The most common mistake that most of the publishers do is plagiarism and doing black hat. There are many things in Black hat stuff like spamming, illegal black link and more. When there are too many illegal activities in your blog, your blog will be in the sandbox and you are banned by Google Adsense. If you want to establish your blog with Adsense, the clear thing you have to do is to keep your blogging on their track and never do something that can harm your Adsense. Here are five ways to avoid your blog from getting banned by Adsense:

  1. Avoid invalid click

There are many kinds of Adsense publishers. Follow the good one. The worst thing that most of them do to increase their earning is to click their ads with different IP address using VPN or others. Don’t ever think that Google will not see your activities because it could be invalid click that can harm your Adsense. Don’t ever click the ads by yourself. You cannot also ask your friend to click your ads. Make sure that you make it pure and don’t ever get an invalid click. Once you try to do that, you will be one step closer to get banned.

  1. Understand the terms and conditions

Another thing you have to do when you want to avoid a ban is to understand all of terms and conditions of Google Adsense. Some of you may not have read when they register to Adsense because they just need faster approval. The best thing when you want to keep it long and making a better living of it is always to understand the terms and conditions, so you will not ever get any indication about violating the rules of Google Adsense. The most popular terms and conditions or rules of Google Adsense are the unique contents and free plagiarism contents so you can make it more durable.

  1. Don’t change the ads code

The worst thing you should not do when you already have ads on your blog, you are not allowed to change the code as the code of the size and others. The Certain modification is indeed allowed, but you have to learn more about it to get everything clear.

  1. Don’t put ads randomly

Never put annoying ads place in your blog. Just because you want to improve the earning, then you put so many ads on your blog. That thing will harm your reader, and you may lose your visitors. Never make a trap of ads.

  1. Keep your traffic pure

Never try to spam your blog link to social media. It will be tracked and detected by Google. That is why it is important to keep your traffic natural and pure.