Tips to Increase AdSense Earning

Are you new to Google AdSense and having no idea why your earning is stuck? You may have known a lot of ideas and tips to improve you’re earning in Google AdSense. There have been so many blogs telling you to do this and that to get a bigger income. You may not have realized about the strategy that you have to know before you are ready to boost your performance. To get more income does not need high skilled writing, you just need consistency and keep writing. You can see how many people that have good performance in publishing their ideas into blog getting more earnings. You may have seen that it has been a common thing to get decent earning, the question is how to improve the earning? We should not talk too much. We have to question yourself whether we want to improve our earning or just satisfied with the current earning. These are things you have to understand and execute to increase your AdSense earning.

Basic things you have to do

  • Finding and making popular content in your niche

The best thing to improve you AdSense performance is making more popular contents in your niche. You have to be more up to date on what trending that is happening in your targeted visitors’ country and make sure that you have better quality contents than the previous trending. You can find the popular stuff in Google Trend and then try to make a good content of it and use the right niche to get the right visitors. It is not hard to do, just improve your writing skill and do a good research on what niche or sub niche that can be matched to the current trending.

  • Making better post than other blogs

After you have found the right niche that can be trending in your blog, you have to make a better post than other blogs. The best way to get more traffic is to make better and competitive contents so you can compete with other blogs that work in the same niche with you. When you can’t make better content, don’t hope that you can get the better number of visitors to your blog because everyone must search good, unique and high-quality content to read.

  • Making targeted promotion

When you have done making better content, then you have to do better promotion for your blog. Even, you are an AdSense publisher; you can also use Adwords to make ads, you can also apply ads in Social media and then make sure that you have picked the right better strategy in the promotion. You can enlist the things you have done before and evaluate what might be not effective for your blog and ads. In Social media, you may find that there have been many kinds of ads you can try, make sure also that you understand the strategy of making targeted promotion for your blog.

Alternative thing to increase earning

  • Trying high paying keywords

There are many ways to increase your Adsense earning; one of the best ways to get better earning is to try high paying keywords. What is that? High paying keywords are keywords that have a high value of ads click and you can get better earning if you can make a good content on that keywords and get more visitors to your blog. It may be hard to make a good correlation with HPK with your current theme, to make sure that it’s easy to apply, make sure that you only choose HPK that has relation with your current content theme.

  • Good placing of ads

Another good thing you can do to increase the earning of your Adsense is good placing for ads. Always make sure that you don’t put many ads in your blog because it can irritate the eyes of your readers and then they might be able to leave your community. That is why it is always important to have a good placing of your blog ads.

  • Ads modification

The last thing you can do to increase your Adsense earning is ads modification where you can choose the responsive theme that has bigger place or space for the ads without reducing the view quality of your blog. Make sure that you also can resize the ads and minimize the ad’s tag.